“Great spaces materialise when design decisions are a direct response to the sites’ problems and the client’s needs. The design solutions here are not only unique they are innovative!”

  • Project:

    Lugarno Residence

  • Year:


  • Photographer:

    Nicole England

  • Stylist:

    Simona Castagna

  • Scope:

    Interior Design & Implementation

  • Awards:

    KBDI Certified Designer of the Year

    KBDi Bathroom Designer of the Year 2020 – NSW

Located in Southern Sydney, this suburban home, while initially unassuming, now stands as a captivating testament to the vibrant and design-conscious personalities of its empty-nester residents.

Undergoing a remarkable metamorphosis, the interior spaces transcend conventional boundaries, embracing elements of drama that beautifully reflect the clients' unique personalities. The result is an alluring space that seamlessly connects with the surrounding nature, creating an inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining and hosting their expanding family.

“What we are very, very thankful for now is that Studio Minosa transformed our ‘forever’ home into the most perfect, soothing haven from all the madness that surrounds us.” - Deb & Silvano

“Drawing inspiration from the project limitations, the low ceiling and structural beams became the highlight of the space transforming the kitchen from a dark and cavernous nook of the house to a dramatic space perfect for entertaining.”

“By highlighting the arches & reflecting the light, a design feature prevailed – the illusion of height.”