“Talented, daring, creative beyond belief, warm & friendly. What they create is always spectacular. Always! " - Tony & Toni

  • Project:

    Epping Residence

  • Year:


  • Photographer:

    Nicole England

  • Stylist:

    Simona Castagna

  • Scope:

    Interior Design & Implementation

  • Awards:

Hidden away in Epping, lies a captivating wine cellar awaiting its owner; a discerning wine collector and connoisseur of Australian fine wine.

Drawing inspiration from captivating wineries both near and far, this previously "subterranean" space has undergone a mesmerising transformation into a lavish wine cellar. With its enchanting ambience and delightful design, it entices and indulges the senses, immersing you in a world of wine-filled charm.

"In the heart of this home lies a secret sanctuary, a wine cellar oasis designed to evoke the spirit of their beloved wineries. Here, the clink of glasses, the velvety textures, and the luscious flavours of their carefully curated collection converge, transporting you to the very essence of wine & design culture.”

"What they deliver is priceless. I've had a dream most of my life that one day I would own an incredible wine cellar. The wine cellar is now complete and is beyond my wildest dreams.” - Tony & Toni