Studio Minosa makes life better by creating extraordinary interior spaces, from conception to completion.

Our Focus

Focusing on the kitchen and bathroom as hubs of the home, we design luxury environments that foster qualities of organisation, comfort, relaxation, security and peace. For Studio Minosa, communication is key — by truly understanding the unique needs and desires of our clients, a creative solution can be tailored that considers your nature, supports your routine and enhances your lifestyle. In this way, wellness and indulgence are integrated into every project we complete.

Studio Minosa sets ourselves apart through design, always endeavouring to go beyond the boundaries in our presentation, deliverables and client satisfaction — an approach that is consistently recognised via industry accolades. In addition, our in-house 3D rendering service ensures clear communication of our vision and utmost attention to detail throughout the design development. This is carried through from design to on site consultancy and procurement offering the most comprehensive service of creation and execution.

An appreciation, passion and commitment to bespoke, authentic design is the hallmark of our portfolio. It’s what keeps us inspired to continue creating better spaces for people to live, nourish and relax in.

Design Life Better, with Studio Minosa.

Our Services

  • Concept Development & Spatial Planning
  • Interior & Exterior Colour Consultation
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Specialists
  • 3D Visualisations & Rendering
  • Interior Design
  • Custom Joinery Design
  • Site Advice & Consultancy
  • Material & Finish Selections
  • Furniture Selections & Procurement
  • Art, Accessories Selection & Procurement
  • Project Implementation and Fixture Procurement

Our Team

Darren Genner and Simona Castagna, the visionary founders of Studio Minosa, embark on a collaborative design journey with their clients. Together, they delve into the depths of requirements, lifestyle, and preferences, crafting visually captivating spaces that transcend mere aesthetics. Practicality takes centre stage, tailored to the occupants' needs, breathing life into dreams.

Within Studio Minosa's creative sanctuary, a talented team combines their expertise and passion, forging designs that leave a lasting impression. Unique and personalised, their creations exceed expectations, transforming spaces into realms of inspiration. Fuelled by a shared commitment to excellence, they harness the power of 3D rendering, empowering clients to envision and connect with proposed spaces in breathtaking realism. This innovative use of technology amplifies their ability to deliver exceptional design solutions, earning them acclaim within the industry.

Our Process

Listening & Understanding

At the initial stage, Studio Minosa adopts a listener's mindset, allowing you to take the spotlight. By asking thoughtful questions and encouraging open dialogue, we create a welcoming environment where you can freely express your needs and aspirations. Throughout this stage we aim to understand your current situation, define your goals, establish a clear brief, and discuss the financial investment required. This client-centered approach sets the stage for a successful partnership, where we can uncover and define what is truly essential to create a remarkable and personalised design solution.


Once the return brief has received approval, Studio Minosa's visions and concepts come alive through the utilisation of 2D and 3D CAD technology. With a deep appreciation for the significance of spatial planning and smooth transitions within a space, we prioritise a thorough understanding of its function. By starting with white box rendering, we concentrate on the spatial layout and functional aspects, ensuring that the design aligns perfectly with your needs. This meticulous approach allows us to create a design that optimises efficiency, flow, and usability, enhancing the overall experience within the space.

These exceptionally life-like 3D CAD images serve as a powerful tool for clients, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the envisioned transformation of your spaces. Through this visual representation, you can grasp the spatial transitions and gain a comprehensive understanding of how the design will function in practice. By comprehensively addressing the spatial planning and transition early on, we establish a solid foundation for the subsequent stages of the design process, where textures and colours are added to enhance the aesthetic appeal while maintaining the integrity of the carefully planned spatial layout.


At Studio Minosa, communication takes center stage. We believe that effective communication is essential throughout the entire project journey. From the initial consultation to the final touches, we prioritise open and transparent dialogue to ensure a deep understanding of your evolving needs and aspirations. By maintaining consistent communication channels, Studio Minosa ensures that your vision is heard, and any adjustments or refinements can be made promptly. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of trust and partnership, enabling us to deliver exceptional results that surpass expectations. With communication as the guiding force, we navigate the intricacies of the design process, keeping you informed every step of the way and ensuring a successful outcome that reflects your unique style and fulfills your lifestyle requirements.


At Studio Minosa, a meticulous approach is taken to document the agreed design, leaving no detail untouched. This comprehensive documentation extends to FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) specification, creating a detailed plan that instils confidence as you progress with your project. By capturing every aspect of the design and specifying the furniture and equipment, we ensure a clear vision and direction. This attention to detail establishes a solid foundation, providing you with the confidence to move forward into the construction phase.

At Studio Minosa, we understand the importance of collaboration throughout the construction phase. We work closely with builders and tradespeople, actively assisting in the execution of the design to ensure its flawless realisation. We are there to support and collaborate, ensuring the design vision comes to life seamlessly. This collaborative approach guarantees that your project is executed with care and attention to detail, resulting in a space that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.

Our Awards

Recognised for our extraordinary talent and unmatched creativity, Studio Minosa has garnered a multitude of renowned accolades, establishing ourselves as a prominent industry powerhouse, consistently pushing boundaries with our imaginative and captivating designs.

HIA – New South Wales Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2023

NSW Kitchen Design of the Year

NSW Kitchen Project of the Year

NSW Renovated Kitchen of the Year

Designerati International Design Awards (London) 2022

Winner of International Project of the Year

HIA – New South Wales Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2022

NSW Kitchen Design of the Year

NSW Kitchen Project of the Year

NSW Renovated Kitchen of the Year

KBDI Design Awards 2021

Australian Bathroom Designer of the Year

NSW Small Bathroom of the Year

NSW Large Bathroom Design of the Year

NSW Large Kitchen Design of the Year

HIA – NSW Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2021

NSW Small Kitchen of the Year

KBDI Design Awards 2020

Australian Certified Designer of the Year

Australian Kitchen Designer of the Year

NSW Kitchen Designer of the Year

NSW Bathroom Designer of the Year

NSW Kitchen Plus of the Year

NSW Large Kitchen of the Year

NSW Small Bathroom of the Year

NSW Large Bathroom of the Year

NSW Master Suite of the Year

HIA – Australian Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2019

Kitchen Design of the Year

KBDI Design Awards 2018

Australian Kitchen Designer of the Year

Australian Certified Designer of the Year

Australian Design Space of the Year

HIA – Australian Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2018

Bathroom Design of the Year

KBDI Design Awards 2017

People Choice – Kitchen of the Year

Design Space of the Year

NSW Medium Kitchen Design of the Year

NSW Small Bathroom Design of the Year

TIDA – International Kitchen Design of the Year

Kitchen Design of the Year

HIA – Australian Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2017

Bathroom Design of the Year

HIA - NSW Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2016

Bathroom Design of the Year

HIA - Australian Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2016

Kitchen Design of the Year

Bathroom Design of the Year

HIA - NSW Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2015

Kitchen Design of the Year

Bathroom Design of the Year

Bathroom Project of the Year

KBDI Design Award 2015

Australian Bathroom Designer of the Year

NSW Bathroom Designer of the Year

NSW Kitchen Designer of the Year

Designer Kitchen & bathroom awards London 2014

International Project of the Year

KBDI Design Awards 2014

Australian Bathroom Designer of the Year

NSW Kitchen Designer of the Year

HIA – Australian Housing Awards 2014

Bathroom Design of the Year

Corian® Du Pont™ Design Awards 2013

Edition 3 – Residential Design Winner

HIA - NSW Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2013

Kitchen Design of the Year

Kitchen Project of the Year

Bathroom Design of the Year

KBDI Design Awards 2013

Australian Bathroom Designer of the Year

NSW Kitchen Designer of the Year

NSW Bathroom Designer of the Year

HIA NSW Housing Awards 2011

HIA - NSW Kitchen Designer of the Year 2011

KBDI Design Awards 2011

Kitchen Designer of the Year NSW

Bathroom Designer of the Year NSW

KBDI Design Awards 2009

Bathroom Designer of the Year NSW

Corian® Du Pont™ Design Awards 2008

Grand Prize – Residential Design Winner

Corian® Du Pont™ Design Awards 2008

Edition 1 – Residential Design Winner

HIA - NSW Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2004/2005

Kitchen Project of the Year

Bathroom Designer of the Year

2004 International Radiolab Competition

Winner - Best Animation. (Walk Thru)

HIA - CSR Australian Housing Awards 2004

HIA - Laminex Group Australian Kitchen Designers of the Year

HIA - NSW Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2003/2004

Best Kitchen in an Apartment/Terrace

Best Kitchen Designed to a Modern Theme

HIA - Star Newspaper Hunter Housing Awards 2003

Kitchen Project of the Year

Kitchen Designer of the Year

HIA - NSW Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2002

Most Innovative use of Finishes in a Kitchen or Bathroom

Our Values

The values & principles that guide our behaviour and how we measure ourselves.

  1. Pushing the boundary of expectation: Striving to exceed ordinary standards in presentation, deliverables, actions, and overall client satisfaction.
  2. Improving people's lives: Tailoring design solutions to fulfil the needs, wants, and desires of clients, creating spaces that offer organisation, comfort, relaxation, security, and peace.
  3. Great listeners: Understanding that creative solutions can only be achieved by truly comprehending the problem at hand and actively listening to clients' needs.
  4. Do what we say: Upholding the importance of keeping promises and following through on commitments.
  5. Every client a referrer: Providing exceptional service to ensure clients become advocates for the company through their positive word-of-mouth.
  6. Love the humble pie: Maintaining humility and appreciating the opportunities presented to them.
  7. Brightness of future: Nurturing and supporting the growth of their team members, empowering them to succeed both personally and professionally.
  8. Authentic: Emphasising originality and tailoring each design solution to suit the unique needs of individual clients.
  9. Design Life Better: These core values serve as guiding principles, empowering us to create spaces that exceed expectations and profoundly improve quality of life. By pushing boundaries, inspiring others, and implementing these values into our actions, we strive to make life better through transformative design experiences.

Our Testimonials

Discover what our clients have to say about their experience with Studio Minosa.

“We just loved working with the Studio Minosa team. They really took time to understand how we want to live and who we are. This translated into an incredible design, one that takes all our character and our likes and turns it into a home. Their process was detailed and focused, they listened to feedback and re did parts as we learn more along the way. Now that is all good but the most important part is the end result, we just love what they designed for us, it's perfect and I know we could never have achieved anything as amazing without using Studio Minosa. They have literally made our life at home, better than we could have ever imagined. We are so very glad we met them, engaged them and worked with them. thanks Darren and Simona”

James & Vikachka

“We did not know quite to expect when we, on good friends recommendation, engaged Studio Minosa to help redesign our apartment. Kitchen, bathrooms and living room was the main concern as well as the overall look, feel and ambiance. All we can say is that they delivered the most beautiful design for all spaces, especially kitchen and bathrooms. Darren and Simona had a clear view of what would look good and work well for our spaces. They listened to us and then went back to work on a design that we love. And best of all, on time and on budget! If you ever need someone to design your spaces for you, we can't recommend them enough”

Anne-Lil & Dean

“The entire Studio  Minosa Team were an absolute pleasure to deal with. After our initial scoping meeting we were totally blown away with the design concepts. They really listened to what we wanted and what our tastes were and delivered a product far beyond what we thought was possible.

I loved the way they thought outside the box but still delivered the look and feel were after.

The Team then worked closely with our builders to execute the plan and we now have a truly amazing home that we absolute love thanks to their design”

Ray & Rachel

“After 20 years living in our tired, dated Federation bungalow we longed for a contemporary kitchen, bathroom and laundry to bring it into the 21st century.  Our brief for the kitchen was to create a sexy, contemporary entertaining space with timeless, enduring style.

Studio Minosa looked beyond our brief and recommended that we also reconfigure the adjoining living area. By pushing our boundaries, the end design created not only more useable space, but incorporated clever  zones and flow, with custom joinery for much needed bookshelves, an integrated cocktail bar and an amazing bespoke, floor-to-ceiling entertainment unit. This also served as a see-through room divider which cleverly linked the zones.

The end result is a stunning and versatile cooking, entertaining and relaxed living space that reached above and beyond our expectations and is truly life-changing for us. The 3D rendered images/fly-throughs of the proposed design really helped us to visualise and understand Studio Minosa's interpretation of our initial brief, and we actually didn't change a thing!

Simona, Darren and their talented 'behind-the-scenes' team are pure genius and the best in the industry. As well as being passionate professionals they are such lovely people and so easy to deal with - no egos or attitude here.

We can't thank Studio Minosa enough for creating a stunning, unique environment that we never want to leave!”

Valdes & Liana

“Studio Minosa are amazing! It's hard to put into words how amazing they really are and how much I recommend you use them! Just use them. If you're thinking about it, stop thinking and use them. Every cent you spend you'll be grateful for spending with them. What they deliver is priceless. I've had a dream most of my life that one day I would own an incredible wine cellar. When we embarked on the process of finding the right designer we found it very difficult. My wife followed Studio Minosa on Instagram when we were building our house for bathroom and kitchen inspo. We both wish we'd engaged them as part of that process. A year after moving in we asked Studio Minosa the question via an Instagram DM -'do you guys design wine cellars?' The response was 'we can!' It was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Darren and Simona are amazing!

Talented, daring, creative beyond belief, warm and friendly. What they create is always spectacular. ALWAYS. They never miss. The wine cellar is now complete and is beyond my wildest dreams. Check it out on their Insta or mine @tonysthirsty Go to my first ever post. It's jaw dropping! We've now engaged them to 'upgrade' the design of our four year-old house. We've talked about it almost the whole time we've been in the house. Can't wait till the rest of the house is at the same standard as the cellar.”

Tony & Toni

Studio Minosa’s magic is their intuitive ability to listen to a client, understand the brief and fold the environment into their design. What results is creative genius.  Creative spaces that inspire you to take things to the next level.  Spaces you never even thought possible.  Spaces that offer beauty with functionality.  And spaces you can see straight away with their clever 3D model images of what its actually going to look like. Studio Minosa’s 3D images were amazingly invaluable, it helped everyone involved share the vision – from the builder, the joiner, the tiler, the plumber, the carpenter, the painter and the electrician!  All the trades were on the same page, working with you to build the vision! Throughout the project, in all its twists and turns Studio Minosa was always ready to offer advice, counsel and opinion.  It gave us such a sense of comfort. What’s also been interesting, is no matter how close you got to the design on paper, as the spaces became real, Studio Minosa's design details just kept unfolding as you really saw the value and the science in their work.  From the lighting to the space orientation, to the functionality of everyday spaces. We are the beneficiares of Studio Minosa’s magic. We get to live in spaces that are amazingly beautiful and work really well for the everyday.When we met Studio Minosa, we won the design lottery

Angelique & Merik

“I can't express how happy I am with my kitchen and bathroom. Studio Minosa worked miracles on the small area and created a beautiful space that is both functional and fashionable. Studio Minosa combined my vision of French bistro with high tech. Just let them do their job, Simona, Darren & their team are real professionals. Highly recommend them.”


“The art of Studio Minosa is in combining distinctive textures and colours with an awesome pared-back design. Our kitchen continues to be an inspiration and a pleasure. Featured in Inside Out magazine.”


"We have now used Studio Minosa on three separate occasions to design and renovate our entire family home. Darren and Simona go the extra mile to understand your needs and their designs are amazing and very clever. I am very particular and appreciate good design and quality and really appreciate the attention to detail in everything that they do. Darren and Simona are passionate about the spaces they create and you can feel their enthusiasm as the project progresses. We love the home they have helped us build and have no hesitation in recommending Studio Minosa to anyone looking to add some wow to their home. It's also lovely to see your home recognised as having one of the best kitchens in NSW !”

Ewan & Cass

"We spent a lot of time researching our renovation. The reason we selected Studio Minosa was because the spaces in our home that you designed were unlike anything else we had seen.

Our kitchen and bathroom reflect us, our home has not been ‘renovated’ it has been re-imagined and the spaces work better than anything we had imagined possible.

Your slogan couldn’t be more apt - we are living a better life through better design."


“Studio Minosa redesigned our kitchen & dining area, bathroom, main bedroom and dressing room. They listened to the practicalities of how we live, work and cook then built spaces that not only look beautiful but are functionally clever and make life easier. We wanted a unique, showstopper aesthetic but not at the expense of everyday life... and they delivered in spades. Working with them was like a relationship, not just a transaction. It was a great experience that we love to come home to. As our family continues to grow and more space is needed, we will definitely be using Studio Minosa again.”

Kristen & Matt

“Simona and Darren have worked with us to reshape our Parents Retreat and Kitchen and we have been wow’d every step of the way.They have been able to turn our spaces into rooms that fit exactly what we wanted, but we couldn’t properly describe.Their skills lie not only in design and selection of quality products and trades, but to translate vague ideas into reality – they ‘get’ their clients.For us that was clean, simple lines with subtle detail to bring rooms to life with a timeless appeal.”

Sarah & Shane

“What began as an update to a 20 year old kitchen expanded into a re-configuration of the house floor plan. The traditional layout of living areas in the front of house was inverted to the rear with the kitchen, having connection to the backyard and pool.

Studio Minosa masterminded the make-over and in the expansive kitchen, much consultation was had to our use of it with regular large family gatherings, allowing ease of movement for multiple people working at once.  It now is the hub of our gatherings. In modernising the interiors, Darren and Simona retained the classic style of the house with joinery echoing this style but more refined and contemporary. A very considered, calm palette was achieved with marble, wood and brass which looks great and a dream to use. Renovations are not without hiccups but Studio Minosa provided personal, professional service ensuring the works were carried out to their exacting standards right to completion.

We believe a tranquil, beautiful home environment is conducive to healthy mental and physical wellbeing especially now with having to be at home more than ever. Thanks to Studio Minosa's award winning and quality designs we are thoroughly enjoying our oasis.”

Frances & Richard

"They came in, listened to what we would like, examined the room from every angle (inside and out) and then went away and designed the most incredible ensuite with some outside-the-box thinking. Great team, great result and highly recommended.”


“Darren and Simona are brilliant. They are so innovative and really are in tune with what a client wants. They made some fantastic suggestions. Their plans are brilliant and they really think outside the box which drove some of our joiners crazy but our builders loved the plans and the pretty pictures.”

Ellen & Mark

“We are thrilled, beyond measure, with not only the outcome of our home, but in the dealings we had with Darren, Simona & the whole Studio Minosa team.

They have helped us change the way our home functions, entirely. The way we live has changed immensely, as a result of the team really listening to 'how we live, and working that into their design with the priority it needed.

The outcome of our renovation is a real show stopper.

From family coming over to visit, through to real estate agents coming through for a perusal, they have ALL commented on what a WOW factor the home has, and equally as important on how clever & functional it now is.

On our initial consult with Darren he advised us that at Studio Minosa they reach for the stars. On this occasion I believe they've exceeded that destination:)

We can't thank them enough, and we envision any future type of renovation' work we do will happen with Studio Minosa as part of our team.

It was an absolute pleasure.”

Patricia & Costa