“Design should explore space; it should understand the homeowners and the way they wish to live in that space, and it must redefine the space so they can all live and enjoy the home for many years to come.”

  • Project:

    Bunbartha Residence

  • Year:


  • Photographer:

    Nicole England

  • Stylist:

    Natalie J

  • Scope:

    Interior Design & Implementation

  • Awards:

    KBDI Bathroom Designer of the Year 2021

Set on a rural block in Bunbartha, Victoria, this charming home, originally a working farm from the 1980s, is now the cherished residence of empty nesters and their expanding family.

Transformed from an outdated project home, the house has been reimagined as a modern homestead that caters to the demands of contemporary living. The central "living" zone seamlessly integrates the kitchen, family, and dining rooms, creating a welcoming space that connects with the breath-taking views of the vast green paddocks. This thoughtful design ensures a harmonious blend of functionality, comfort, and a strong connection to the surrounding natural beauty.

“This kitchen design explores the idea of the “scullery”, it reinvents the modern-day trend so all people using the space are engaged and connected”

“The ultimate form of sophistication is simplicity, the design of this home is refined, it is thoughtful, and the detail is second to none.”

"Where tranquillity meets exuberance, this house unveils a tale of contrast. Enter its two separate zones—the quiet area and the outrageous area—and experience the harmonious coexistence of serenity and vivacity.”

The dream was to create spaces that could accommodate the now-adult children, their partners, and children, allowing for comfortable and enjoyable family gatherings.