“Our brief for the kitchen was to create a sexy, contemporary entertaining space with timeless, enduring style.”

- Valdes & Liana.

  • Project:

    Croydon Residence

  • Year:


  • Photographer:

    Nicole England

  • Stylist:

    Simona Castagna

  • Scope:

    Interior Design & Implementation

  • Awards:

    KBDI Large Kitchen ACT & NSW

This once poky and run down kitchen & living room nestled in Sydney’s Inner West, now a timeless contemporary space that blends well with the existing architectural charm is home to a married couple who’s only request was to change their lives.

Starting with clean open slate, a symphony of design unfolded, birthing a new space that gracefully embraces the freedom and fluidity and indulges in the luminous embrace of natural light.

“The monochrome colour scheme ascends as a pinnacle of visual allure, gracefully intertwining tones, and shades in a mesmerising dance of refined simplicity.”

“The central storage display plays the divide perfectly. Semi translucent, it allows the space to feel open and airy whilst ensuring the homeowner’s need for storage and display are met.”