Studio Minosa Shines at HIA NSW CSR Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2023

November 2, 2023

Studio Minosa is thrilled to announce its success at the recent HIA NSW CSR Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards, held at the ICC Ballroom in Sydney. The event saw our Alexandria Residence sweep the awards, earning recognition in three key categories: Kitchen Design of the Year, Renovated Kitchen Over $60,000, and the prestigious title of Kitchen of the Year.

These accolades are a testament to Studio Minosa's unwavering commitment to innovative design and quality craftsmanship. The team's dedication to pushing the boundaries of kitchen design has been rightly acknowledged, and we couldn't be more proud.

Kitchen of the Year: Terracotta Project

Alexandria Residence , our award-winning project, epitomizes Studio Minosa's distinctive fusion of contemporary aesthetics and functional brilliance. This exquisite culinary space exemplifies the seamless equilibrium between form and function, expertly weaving together innovative design concepts to craft a space that is not only visually striking but also exceptionally practical, all the while harmonizing with the remarkable architecture it is nestled within. Meticulously chosen materials and the flawless integration of cutting-edge appliances culminate in the Terracotta Kitchen, setting a groundbreaking standard for contemporary living environments.

National Recognition on the Horizon

The success of the Terracotta Kitchen project has earned Studio Minosa a well-deserved spot at the HIA National Awards, set to take place in Cairns in May next year. We are excited to represent New South Wales on a national stage and compete for the ultimate prize in the realm of interior design.

Studio Minosa's founders, Darren Genner & Simona Castagna, expressed their gratitude for the recognition received and the incredible effort put in by the entire team. "These awards are a testament to the hard work, creativity, and dedication of the Studio Minosa team," says Darren. "We take pride in delivering innovative designs that enhance the lives of our clients, and these accolades serve as a powerful motivation for us to continue pushing the boundaries of design excellence." Says Simona

As we look forward to the national competition, Studio Minosa remains committed to delivering exceptional design solutions that captivate, inspire, and enrich the lives of our clients. We thank the HIA NSW CSR Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards for the honor and look forward to showcasing our creativity and talent on the national stage in Cairns next year.

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